Étiquette : santé environnementale

Europe 11-12-2020 Environmental & occupational cancers: understanding their risk factors



On Friday 11 December from 9.30 – 12.30 the BECA committee will hear from seven leading specialists in cancer prevention about the effect the environment can have on everybody’s risk of developing cancer, including radiation, air pollution, exposure to chemicals and pesticides, and being exposed to carcinogens at work.

Quelques présentations ( en anglais)

BECA 11 Dec 2020 Schuz Environment and Cancer

Speaker 3 – Johanson_OELs_&_cancer_EN

Speaker 5 – Martinez Gonzalez_EN

Rémy Slama, PhD  de l’INSERM

Speaker 7 – Slama_rev_EN

Extrait qui montre le retard de la régulation Européenne sur les PM2.5